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Fast Turbo Cutting Blade

Fast Turbo Cutting Blade

Fast Turbo Cutting Blade - Series Turbo Segmented Diamond Blade


  1. Longer Service Life:

    • The Series Turbo Segmented Diamond Blade is designed for extended service life. The combination of increased segment height, high-density diamond grits, and improved specifications contributes to its impressive durability.

  2. Faster Cut:

    • Turbo segments are strategically integrated, facilitating a faster cutting process. The heightened segments enhance the blade's efficiency for a quicker and more effective cutting experience.

  3. Increased Safety:

    • The uniform density of high-quality diamonds throughout the segment ensures robust laser-welding torque resistance. This advanced design not only enhances safety by reducing segment loss but also contributes to overall blade durability.

  4. Greater Comfort:

    • Innovative designs aim at providing a smoother cutting experience, ensuring better comfort for operators. Reduced vibrations and minimal effort during cutting result in a higher quality of cut.


  • Cured Concrete: Ideal for efficiently cutting through cured concrete surfaces.

  • Reinforced Concrete: Effectively handles cutting tasks in reinforced concrete applications.

  • Hard Brick: Offers precision cutting in hard brick materials.

  • Pavers: Specifically designed for cutting through pavers with speed and accuracy.

  • Stone: Versatile enough to handle cutting tasks in various stone materials.

The Series Turbo Segmented Diamond Blade is a high-performance cutting tool engineered to meet the demands of professional cutting applications. Its innovative features not only enhance cutting speed and durability but also prioritize safety and operator comfort. Choose this fast cutting blade for your projects requiring precision and efficiency.


Fast Turbo Cutting Blade
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