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Segmented Diamond Blade

Segmented Diamond Blade

Segmented Diamond Blade

HNSPC Series Segmented Diamond Blade - General Purpose Cutting

This advanced diamond saw blade is meticulously laser welded and expertly designed for cutting through asphalt, concrete, and reinforced concrete with utmost precision. Its unique construction features an inclined slot type blank core and is equipped with 22 diamond segments, including 5 protective segments strategically positioned to enhance the blade's durability. Unlike regular blank cores, the inclined type imparts superior strength, enabling the blade to withstand greater impact forces during cutting operations.

Asphalt tends to become sticky during the cutting process, and the 5 protective segments play a crucial role in shielding the diamond saw blade when cutting through asphalt, ensuring consistent and efficient performance.

Whether you're cutting roads, bridges, or concrete blocks, this Premium Diamond Saw Blade stands out as a reliable and efficient tool, ensuring exceptional results in a variety of cutting applications.


  1. Versatile Cutting:

    • The HNSPC series segmented diamond blade is engineered to aggressively cut a wide range of materials, including concrete, brick, block, stone, asphalt, slate, and other abrasive materials.

  2. Laser Welded Design:

    • The blade features a laser-welded construction, ensuring robustness and durability during cutting operations. This design enhances safety and longevity.

  3. Supreme Quality:

    • The 10mm segments of supreme quality contribute to superior cutting performance and an extended service life. This blade is designed for reliable and efficient cutting tasks.

  4. Slanted Steel Core with Cooling Holes:

    • The slanted steel core design, coupled with cooling holes, maximizes cutting speed and facilitates better heat dissipation. This innovative feature ensures efficient and smooth cutting operations.

  5. Deep Undercut Protection:

    • Specifically designed segments provide deep undercut protection, preventing undercutting on abrasive materials. This feature enhances the precision and safety of the cutting process.

  6. Universal Arbor Fit:

    • The blade is equipped with a 1” arbor, making it compatible with most walk-behind saws up to 20HP. This ensures versatility and convenience in various cutting applications.

  7. Dry or Wet Cutting:

    • The segmented diamond blade is suitable for both dry and wet cutting applications. This adaptability allows for flexibility in different cutting scenarios.

The HNSPC Series Segmented Diamond Blade is a reliable and efficient tool for professionals requiring versatility and high-performance cutting. Whether tackling concrete, brick, stone, or asphalt, this blade delivers precision, durability, and safety in a variety of applications.

Technical Parameter

Item No.

Outside Diameter

Segment Dimensions (mm)

Segment Dimensions (mm)





12” (300mm)





14” (350mm)





16” (400mm)





18” (450mm)




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