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Tear-slot Diamond Blade

Tear-slot Diamond Blade

HNSPG Series Tear-Slot Diamond Blade - Precision Cutting for Hard Masonry Materials


The HNSPG series tear-slot diamond blades, crafted with precision through laser welding, are specifically designed to cut through very hard masonry materials. These blades seamlessly blend the features of a turbo-type cutting rim with the style of a segmented diamond blade. The result is a turbo-segmented diamond blade that provides a cleaner cut compared to regular segmented blades, making it an ideal choice for cutting through pavers, masonry, and bricks. The tear-slot design enhances the efficiency of the blade, ensuring fast and cool cuts with easy slurry removal.


  1. Supreme Quality Diamonds:

    • This tear-slot diamond blade is equipped with supreme quality diamonds, ensuring smooth cutting with a long service life and minimum chipping.

  2. Distinctive Tear-Slot Core Design:

    • The tear-slot core design of this turbo-segmented diamond blade brings improvements in precision, stability, superior cooling, and facilitates easy slurry removal during cutting operations.

  3. Ideal for Very Hard Masonry Materials:

    • Specifically tailored for very hard masonry materials such as pavers and bricks, this tear-slot diamond blade excels in providing efficient and precise cuts.

The HNSPG Series Tear-Slot Diamond Blade is a reliable cutting tool, delivering precision and performance for applications involving hard masonry materials.

Tear-slot Diamond Blade
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