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Non-silent Core Granite Blade


Non-silent Core Granite Blade - HNSGB Series: Precision Cutting for Hard Granites

HNSGB series non-silent core granite blade is engineered with precision in mind, featuring a maximum of 20mm high segments for optimal cutting performance. These granite cutting blades are designed for laser welding, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in cutting hard granites. The narrow U slot design and high diamond concentration contribute to smooth and clean cuts, while the standard 50/60mm arbor size and extra durable steel core allow for straighter cuts.

Key Features:

  1. Laser Welded Design: The granite cutting blades in the HNSGB series are crafted with a laser-welded design, enhancing precision and ensuring efficiency in cutting hard granites.

  2. Narrow U Slot Design: The narrow U slot design, combined with a high diamond concentration, facilitates smooth and clean cutting of hard granites, ensuring a precise and polished finish.

  3. Standard Arbor Size: With a standard 50/60mm arbor size, these blades are compatible with common sawing systems, providing ease of use and versatility.

  4. Extra Durable Steel Core: The granite blade's extra durable steel core enhances stability and durability, allowing for straighter cuts and prolonged blade life.


  • Granite Cutting

  • Stone Fabrication

  • Countertop Manufacturing

  • Construction Projects

  • Precision Cutting Applications


  • Segment Height: Up to 20mm

  • Arbor Size: 50/60mm (Standard)

  • Blade Type: Non-Silent Core

  • Diamond Concentration: High

  • Cutting Material: Hard Granites

Precision Cutting for Hard Granites:

HAN's HNSGB series non-silent core granite blade is designed to meet the demands of precision cutting in hard granites. The laser-welded design, narrow U slot, high diamond concentration, and extra durable steel core collectively contribute to smooth and clean cuts with enhanced stability. Whether used in granite cutting, stone fabrication, countertop manufacturing, or construction projects, these blades offer reliability and precision for professionals in the industry.

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