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Non-silent Core Marble Blade

Non-Silent Core Marble Blade

  1. Segment Height: The blade has a maximum of 10mm high segments.

  2. Blade Type: Non-silent core, with a laser-welded design specifically for marble cutting.

  3. Segment Design: Features a narrow U slot design with a high diamond concentration, ensuring smooth and clean cutting of hard marbles.

  4. Arbor Size: Standard 50/60mm arbor size, providing compatibility with common tools.

  5. Bond Type: Utilizes a copper-based bond, which contributes to straighter cuts during the marble cutting process.


  • The blade is constructed using a laser-welded design, ensuring durability and precision in marble cutting applications.


  • Smooth and clean cutting: The narrow U slot design and high diamond concentration contribute to achieving smooth and clean cuts, particularly in hard marble materials.

  • Compatibility: The standard 50/60mm arbor size ensures compatibility with a wide range of tools.

  • Straight Cuts: The copper-based bond enhances the blade's ability to make straight cuts during the marble cutting process.


  • Specifically designed for cutting hard marbles.

Manufacturing Methods:

  • The blades are either brazed or laser-welded.

This type of Non-Silent Core Marble Blade appears to be well-suited for professional or DIY applications where precision and clean cuts are essential, especially when working with hard marble materials. The combination of laser-welded design, narrow U slot, high diamond concentration, and copper-based bond aims to provide an efficient and effective cutting tool for the specified application.



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