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Wall Diamond Saw Blade


Wall Saw Blade - HNSWS Series: Efficient and Durable Cutting for Versatile Applications

Tebon offers a comprehensive range of wall saw blades designed to meet the requirements of common sawing systems and materials. The TWG series wall cutting blades are engineered for exceptional performance across electric, pneumatic, or hydraulic saws. With short segments, these wall saw diamond blades provide rapid cutting capabilities, ensuring efficient performance even when cutting heavily reinforced steels and concrete.

Key Features:

  1. Versatile Compatibility: The TWG series is well-suited for use with electric, pneumatic, or hydraulic saws, providing versatility for a variety of cutting applications.

  2. Rapid Cutting: The design of short segments enhances cutting speed, allowing for swift and efficient cutting, reducing overall cutting time.

  3. Exceptional Longevity: These wall saw diamond blades are built for durability, delivering a long life even when cutting through heavily reinforced steels and concrete.

  4. Application Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of applications, these diamond blades can handle various materials, making them ideal for diverse cutting scenarios.


  • Wall Cutting

  • Reinforced Steel Cutting

  • Concrete Cutting

  • Construction and Demolition Projects

  • Structural Renovations


  • Compatibility: Electric, Pneumatic, Hydraulic Saws

  • Cutting Material: Reinforced Steels, Concrete, Various Construction Materials

  • Cutting Speed: Rapid

  • Longevity: Exceptional

Efficient and Durable Cutting for Versatile Applications:

The TWG series wall saw blades from Tebon are designed to provide efficient and durable cutting for professionals in the construction and cutting industry. Whether cutting through reinforced steels, concrete, or engaging in construction and demolition projects, these blades offer exceptional performance. With versatile compatibility, rapid cutting speed, and exceptional longevity, the TWG series is a reliable choice for professionals seeking high-quality wall saw diamond blades.

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