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Wet Concrete Core Bit


The HANS series wet concrete core bits are meticulously crafted for the precise drilling of cured concrete and reinforced concrete. Engineered with top-tier diamonds, these diamond core drill bits ensure optimal cutting performance and an extended product lifespan in wet cutting applications. The wet drilling core bits undergo high-frequency welding, enhancing safety during the drilling process.

Key Features:

  1. Exceptional Performance in Cured and Reinforced Concrete:

    • Tailored for the task at hand, these wet drilling core bits excel in providing outstanding performance when drilling through cured concrete and reinforced concrete. Their design and construction make them well-suited for the challenges posed by these materials.

  2. High Diamond Concentration for Superior Cutting:

    • The core bits boast a high diamond concentration, ensuring remarkable performance in cured and reinforced concrete. This concentration enhances drilling speed and significantly extends the overall product life, making them a reliable choice for demanding applications.

  3. Tightly Set Segments for Enhanced Stability:

    • The segments of these diamond core drill bits are strategically set close to each other, minimizing the risk of segment loss during drilling. This design feature contributes to the stability and reliability of the core bits in various drilling conditions.

  4. Dedicated for Wet Drilling:

    • The HANS series wet concrete core bits are specifically designed for wet drilling applications. Their effectiveness is optimized when used with water, providing lubrication and cooling during the drilling process. Wet drilling enhances both the performance and longevity of the core bits.

Safety through High-Frequency Welding:

The wet drilling core bits in the HANS series undergo high-frequency welding, ensuring a secure and robust construction. This welding technique enhances safety during the drilling process, providing confidence to operators and users alike.

In conclusion, the HANS series wet concrete core bits stand as a testament to precision and reliability in wet drilling applications. Whether you are working with cured concrete or reinforced concrete, these core bits deliver exceptional performance, enhanced by features such as high diamond concentration and segment stability. The dedication to safety through high-frequency welding makes them a trusted choice for professionals in the field.

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